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Named after our grandfathers Chuck and Alek, ChuckAlek Independent Brewers pulls some of the past into the present by creating Old School Beers for New School Palates.

Located just east of San Diego, Chuckalek Independent Brewers is Ramona’s only destination for creative, artistic, and uncommonly good historically inspired beers. We focus on brewing German-style Lagers, original-era Porter & Stout, and funky Sours for our core beer line up, and work with local culinary artisans, hop-growers, and other brewers to create exciting collaborations with historic elements.  

We are passionate about reviving old styles, but want to present them in new ways to get craft beer lovers of today excited about the historical journey beer has gone through, and how it is part of living history


After traveling throughout Europe, Head Brewer Grant Fraley started homebrewing to recreate his favorite flavors from abroad. We realized there was a market opportunity in West Coast IPA heavy San Diego for these unique beers, allowing Grant to turn his passion for brewing into a profession.  But the brewery wasn’t born until we named it ChuckAlek and incorporated our grandfather’s stories.

Our name pays homage to our grandfathers, Chuck and Alek. When we recall memories and stories of their lives, a sense of nostalgia, family, and community comes to mind. As engineer, scientist, father, husband, and neighbor, they left an aura in their family and community by being confident in pursuing their passions. 

This passion for creation inspires our art of brewing. The very nature of brewing beer is a meditative labor that we thoroughly enjoy from the milling of malted grain, to the smell of the mash and the rolling boil, to drinking and sharing the final project post fermentation. Our customers join our family each day as we share stories through and over our craft beer.


Sam Adams Brewing the American Dream Experienceship 2015 Awardee
San Diego Magazine Best New Breweries in San Diego 2015

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Ste C
2330 Main St
Ramona, California, United States

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+1 (760) 440-5205

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