About Corti Veneziane

Our adventure began about one year ago in the establishment of Dolo, in the province of Venice, when a group of entrepreneurs with the passion for beer inaugurated the Corti Veneziane Artisan Brewery.

Driven by passion for our territory and by love for high quality artisanal beer, we created a set of beers with a unique refreshing taste, in six versions:Boca da Basi, Redentor, Ciaro de Luna, Cankara, la Biondina and the last one Kanaja produceed.

Our beers stand out for their originality and freshness. They are the result of a wise combination of old recipes and new experiments.

The Corti Veneziane Artisan Brewery produces beers with no preservatives or colorings: drinks with a low alcoholic degree and with a harmonious and balanced taste.

In our new Corti Veneziane Artisan Brewery we have prepared an area dedicated to tasting for all who wish to try our high quality beers.

Come visit us in Corti Veneziane Artisan Brewery because… as an old proverb says “You can enjoy youself without beer, but why risk?

Beers made by Corti Veneziane


Munich Helles Lager

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+39 041 510 2386