Why Crying Eagle? And Why’s It Crying?

Crying Eagle is a rough translation of the Atakapa Indian word Quelqueshue, the name of a legendary chief with a unique battle cry. Later, it was the name given to the mighty river that feeds our parish (or county to the rest of y’all). Today, it’s spelled Calcasieu (KAL-ka-shoo), and it’s our home.

… So basically, we’re named for a parish, named for a river, named for a chief, named for a battle cry. Ca-CAWWWW!

Things Are Different ’Round Here

We’re best known for three of our most popular brews: Calcasieu Common, The Chuck, and Ready to Mingle.

These aren’t your typical craft beers. Lovingly prepared in “the heel of the boot,” what makes ’em different is simple: Louisiana. It’s personality and drinkability. Our brews are unexpected—just like us.

Our Nest Is The Best

We’ve spread our wings all over this great country to visit, taste, and research America’s best breweries. Then, we flocked back here and built the brewery of our wildest dreams: 1,500 square feet of custom beer-brewing engineering. Plus a beer garden.

Our Beers

Acadian Coffee Porter

California Common / Steam Beer

Belgian Blonde Ale

Belgian Pale Ale

Black Rye IPA

American IPA

Calcasieu Common

California Common / Steam Beer



Louisiana Lager

American Adjunct Lager

Ready to Mingle

Belgian Pale Ale

The Chuck

American Blonde Ale

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