About Departed Soles Brewing Company

Departed Soles Brewing Company opened its doors in the Powerhouse Arts District in Downtown Jersey City in the summer of 2015. While the brewery produces all sorts of Craft Beer, it is proud to be New Jersey's first Craft Brewery offering Craft Beer with 100% Gluten Free ingredients that can compete on the palate with traditional ales!

Departed Soles Brewing Company was initially a brew pub concept - the hair brain scheme of two best friends, sitting in one of their parents' house... drinking. One had a passion for craft beer and bar experience, while the other a way with people and resume full of restaurants; both with a passion for sneakers. Unlike virtually every other set of friends that has this conversation though, one of those friends had a personal motto: "DON'T TALK ABOUT IT, BE ABOUT IT."

As time went on, each continued along their chosen career paths; one - Chris - a teacher, the other the Business Manager for his family's funeral home. The Teacher would antagonize the Business Manager, Brian Kulbacki, that he'd never leave the family business and take the risk to chase his dream.

On October 25th, 2010, things would change for the inseparable best friends...

On that day, Chris was commuting between his two jobs when he was involved in a one car accident that took his life. He left an indelible mark on hundreds of lives, and ever since that day Brian has aimed to make his departed friend proud.

In the Spring of 2012, Brian determined it was time to show that despite his friend's taunts, he would indeed chase their dream. Never wanting the lifestyle of a restaurant owner alone, Brian applied to the American Brewers Guild school for Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering - Brewery in Planning edition.

Brian's plan was clear, to start a Gluten Free Craft Brewery. Chris was diagnosed with Celiac Disease shortly before his passing and Brian became the first brewer specializing in that type of beer to graduate the school in December of 2012. The way Brian sees it, beer is an integral part of American culture, whether it is your Uncles drinking it at BBQs, beer pong in college, or tailgating before a game or concert. Brian wasn't only determined to bring Craft Beer to people that walk in similar shoes to his friend, but to make a great beer by all standards, not just a "beer" for the sake of being Gluten Free.

With a fresh diploma, Brian set out to find a home for the brewery during the final months of schooling. Determined to be in his home state of New Jersey, his timing couldn't be better with the passing of the Craft Beer Bill on September 27th, 2012. Three months into his search, another wind came behind his sails: his Gluten Free IPA - GoodbIPA - won the popular "Specialty" category of New York City's Homebrew Alley and placed 3rd overall out of 777 entries. He officially created a beer that wasn't just good by Gluten Free standards, but by everyone's!

While many properties were considered for the brewery, often times zoning regulations, difficult landlords, or equipment woes came in the way. Ironically, the property that we now call home was one of the first we tried to get. Patience pays off, and everything happens for a reason. 

The best part is our microbrewery has mass appeal though, and access to mass transit! Departed Soles Brewing Company encourages you to drink, and visit us, responsibly. Please consider taking NJ Transit, the PATH Train, Light Rail, Ferry, or a Bus to the brewery... we are just a few blocks from a stop for each!

Beers made by Departed Soles Brewing Company

New Jersey Ninja

American Blonde Ale


Belgian Pale Ale

Brewery Contact

Departed Soles Brewing Company Address

150 Bay Street
Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

Phone Number

+1 (201) 479-8578

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