About Derby Brewing Company

Here at Derby Brewing Company we pride ourselves on making excellent beer using the finest raw ingredients.

MALT : We only use the finest malts from Warminster malting, specifically Maris Otter; the world’s best malt. Unlike many other breweries we mill our malt ourselves, ensuring the malt is milled just a few hours before it is used in the brew giving maximum flavour.

HOPS : We source our hops from all over the world. Each hop variety provides its own unique flavour and many of our beers use a combination of several varieties of hops to create complex fruity flavours.

WATER : Derbyshire is known across the world as the home of real ale and the purity of our water plays a big part in the taste of our beer.

YEAST : We culture our own strain of live yeast; this gives more flavour than dried yeast and brings flavour consistency across all Derby Brewing Company beers.

Beers made by Derby Brewing Company

Business as Usual

Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)

Hop Till You Drop

American Blonde Ale


American Blonde Ale

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+44 1332 365366