About Dialectic Brewing Company

We are Dylan, Hannah and Jacob.  We were raised in Mandan and have decided to do what we do best, brew beer.

In 2013, Dylan and I moved to Eugene, Oregon to study Sociology at the University of Oregon. Little did we know, the Pacific Northwest is America’s Mecca of craft beer.  With more than five breweries within walking distance of our apartment, we learned the art of appreciating craft beer.  

After that first pint of craft beer, Dylan mentioned numerous times that he thought it would be cool to learn how to brew beer.   When we moved back to Moorhead, Minnesota to finish up our degrees, I decided to buy Dylan some brewing equipment with the little bit of money I managed to save up (these days I joke that it was the best investment I’ve ever made). I don’t think I have ever seen Dylan more excited in my life than the moment he unwrapped the equipment.  He brewed his first batch of beer that night, a brown ale.  After some trial and error ( and A LOT of researching), Dylan began to understand what it takes to be a good brewer.  Shortly after he brewed his first few batches of beer, Dylan and I went into Junkyard Brewing Company in Moorhead, MN.  It did not take long to convince the owners that Dylan should be a part of their team.  Dylan spent that year at Junkyard Brewing Company studying the ins and outs of brewing and serving craft beer.  The idea of owning our own brewery was floating around in our heads, but hadn’t taken a strong hold on our futures, yet.

In 2015, we graduated with our degrees in Sociology from Minnesota State University Moorhead.  We thought it was a good idea to head out to Ohio for grad school.  What else do you do with a Sociology degree besides get your Ph.D. and become a professor?  Well, shortly after arriving in Bowling Green, Ohio we stumbled across a nanobrewery that had just opened in the community.  We quickly became regulars and later employees at this brewery, Bowling Green Beer Works.  Here, Dylan was able to do what he does best, brew beer.  I had the opportunity to manage the taproom and interact with other craft beer nerds. It was here where we really had the opportunity to work together to provide beer that the patrons enjoyed.

After many hours of discussion and numerous pros and cons lists, we teamed up with Dylan’s brother Jacob, a Water Quality Specialist, and decided that we were going to move back to our hometown and share our passion for craft beer with the community. 

When creating this idea of a brewery, we wanted to pay some homage to our years of education in Sociology.  Dialectic is a theory that really resonated with us and our ideas surrounding the atmosphere of our brewery.  We want to create an atmosphere that is conducive to conversation and positive interactions.

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