About Diebolt Brewing Company

Why Diebolt Brewing Company, why now, how are we different? Well to answer abstractly, this business is a medium for our imagination (it’s pretty vivid), a creative outlet for our ideas (we’ve got some good ones), and a platform for our thoughts (they’re opinionated, but in a good way). We want to pursue our passions with reckless abandon, be sustainably self-sufficient, be our own boss(es); but most of all, show others that they can do the same.

A big driving force in forming this business is the good and bad experiences we’ve had at similar establishments. These made us want to provide a wholesome example of a well-run, responsible company that positively interacts with, and intently listens to, its customers. But most of all, we love the community neighborhood atmosphere, and quality crafted beer, so we created a fun and exciting, yet relaxing, place to combine the two.

Being a family-owned and operated microbrewery means that family and friends have played a huge role in motivating us to pursue our dreams. We want to make them proud and do right by our heritage. Brewing is in our blood from my father’s father pressing grapes in his garage to our distant relatives currently making champagne in the Alsace Lorraine region of France.

It is this French ancestry and ties to historical French brewing regions that have influenced some of our beer styles. The rich cultural history of France inspired our art deco branding. It is our small town upbringing which makes us want to preserve that same sense of pride, community, and camaraderie that is slowly becoming extinct in small town USA. We want to recapture those feelings in our brewery and taproom.

Most of all though, it is the hard-working, American ingenuity and ethics with a generous investment of sweat equity that makes breweries thrive. Sweat equity is one form of equity the Wall Street insiders and big bankers don’t have and it’s your (the customer’s) recognition of this honest hard work that fuels the growth of small businesses the world over. For that, we raise our pints to you and offer up our humble brewery and the craft beer we create as thanks!

Beers made by Diebolt Brewing Company

Vladislav Baby Don't Hurt Me

Russian Imperial Stout

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+1 (720) 643-5940

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