About Ethereal Brewing

About Our Name and Emblem:

We chose Ethereal because we feel it does a good job of explaining our philosophy and goals for brewing great beer. Ether is the classic 5th element; it was the substance believed to make up the heavens and celestial bodies, and it’s also used to describe the finest or best of any substance.

The symbol in the glass is an alchemical glyph known as Quintessence – in medieval times it was the symbol for Ether and was also used to sometimes describe alcohol as it was considered the best part of wine and ale. We really dig the alchemical roots, since we like to look at brewing as a blurring between science and magic.

About Our Beers:

Our offerings will be quite broad, but our main focus will be on brewing delicious Belgian farmhouse and American craft beers. We love these styles because they are by no means limiting on the creative side of things, and they are just darn tasty! We will have the staple beers people expect (with our first three beers being an IPA, a Saison and a Wit), but we are planning on going way above and beyond with an aggressive one-off program with no limitations on what we will brew.

We are very passionate about good beer and that’s why our brewing philosophy is centered on making the best possible beer we can, sparing no expense on ingredients or our process. That’s why we are confident in exploring the funkier side of farmhouse brewing with a dedicated sour program – we feel the timing is right with more and more Kentuckians getting into craft beer and continually searching for something a little different from the norm.

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