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The concept of Factotum Brewhouse was thought-up one night when the four Bruns siblings met for dinner. The notion of a homebrewer-driven brewery was mentioned, the conversation snowballed from there, and Christopher and Laura’s interests began to pique. Although they live in Denver—the “Napa Valley of Beer,” the “Munich of the West”—neither Christopher nor Laura had heard of a business model quite like the one they talked about at dinner; no brewery had yet made homebrewers the cornerstone of the process.

Christopher and Laura held several college degrees between them but lacked a background in business. Therefore, they enrolled in the small business start-up class via the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and further honed their business and brewing aptitude through Tom Hennessy’s Brewery Immersion Course at the Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery in Ridgway, Colorado.

Throughout the process of opening a brewery, Laura and Christopher experienced their fair share of bumps in the road but can thank a strong network of support from local brewers for guiding them through the complicated process. Without the collaborative spirit that permeates the craft beer industry, Factotum Brewhouse might never have happened.

Factotum Brewhouse isn’t a pedestal for which Christopher and Laura to stand on, it’s all about the guest brewers. It’s about providing them a stage so they may display their craft, refine their talents, and receive unbiased public feedback. This service is open to expert and novice brewers alike because, at Factotum Brewhouse, anyone can brew; all it takes is the right amount of guidance and knowledge. We do this to recognize homebrewers for all they’ve done for the craft beer industry. After all, America’s greatest commercial brewers first learned their craft on a little homebrew set-up in their garage or basement. Amateur brewers are the root of craft beer’s success and Factotum Brewhouse honors that foundation on which it is built.

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