About Fall River Brewing Company

Fall River Brewing Company was founded in the winter of 2011 when John and Amanda Hutchings wrote out separate “bucket” lists. One of the items on both lists was the desire to own their own business. John, the founder and co-owner of the company, had been a home brewer and had developed a passion for the craft. As a project manager in the construction industry, John learned much that translated to running a successful business and often found himself brewing beer until the early morning hours after long days at work. Amanda says there are multiple times she woke up at 2 a.m. during the work week, only to find John brewing a batch of beer in the garage. You might say John found his passion. This passion continued to grow as John learned more about the craft. Soon thereafter, John and Amanda created Fall River Brewing Company within their garage, eventually moving into a converted airplane hangar near Burney Falls where the production facility now sits. The team has enjoyed sharing craft beer with others in Northern California!

Beers made by Fall River Brewing Company

Cinnamon Mead

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Kilty Pleasure

Scottish Ale

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

(530) 605-0230

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