About Farmery Estate Brewery

The story starts back in the late 90s. The Warwaruk family farm was facing bankruptcy and two brothers, Chris and Lawrence, moved to Winnipeg to consider their future. Having always had a sense for business, they came up with an idea. Instead of giving up on the farm, they decided to start a four-star restaurant called LuxSole. The restaurant opened on Osborne Street in 1998, and it was a hit. With the profits Chris and Lawrence made from Lux Sole they were able to save the family farm.  Ten years after successfully running LuxSole, they transitioned their restaurant into the first gastropub in Winnipeg called Luxalune, which opened two doors down from LuxSole. One of it’s unique features is listing over 100 beers from around the world on their menu. Eventually, Chris and Lawrence closed LuxSole and shifted their focus to another project: the Farmery Estate Brewery.  After years of success in the food and beverage industry, the boys were still missing their roots. So, they combined their farming experience with their service industry savvy and launched Farmery beer. Using natural, homegrown ingredients and farmer common sense, they created a beer that encompasses the taste of the prairies.

Beers made by Farmery Estate Brewery

Blonde Canadian Pale Ale

American Pale Ale (APA)

Hard Iced Tea

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Pink Lemonade

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Premium Lager

American Pale Lager

Brewery Contact

Farmery Estate Brewery Address

480 MB-5
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Phone Number

+1 (204) 777-0909

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