About FirkinStein Brewing

With a shared interest in brewing, Adam and Devin joined forces to start up FirkinStein - not your average brewery.

When Adam came back from a trip with a beer kit in a bottle, Devin insisted, if they were going to brew beer, they were going to do it right. So they called up Devin’s old electronics teacher, who then taught them the basics.

From there they began making beer, always trying to out-brew each other. They competed for a golden mash paddle, in honour of the best batch.

One day while driving home, Devin saw what he thought was a “firkin” for sale on the side of the road. He excitedly pulled over and with his last $5, bought it and took it home, where it lived in his basement for years. From there, everything was “firkin”. “Firk this” “Firk you” “Firkin great”

While sitting at the table one night they were talking about entrepreneurship and discussed how people usually start businesses doing something they love. Clearly these guys loved making beer. Both being mechanically inclined, they threw together different pieces of brewing equipment and making the most of it themselves, Adam realized nothing matched. It was a Frankenstein brewery.

So the boys combined Devin’s love of the word “firkin” with Adam’s Frankenstein equipment and FirkinStein Brewery was born.

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+1 (902) 530-5400

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