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In the winter of 2016, the two Augsburgers, Enzo Frauenschuh and Matthias Gruber, founded FrauGruber Brewing (FRAUenschuh + GRUBER = FrauGruber) and brewed their first beers as Gipsy Brauer (wage brewer) in spring 2017 in the Old Factory in Gundelfingen. Within the following 3 years, FrauGruber managed to permanently export her beers to over 20 countries.


It quickly became clear that all the ideas, experiments and further developments would be very difficult to implement without an own brewery and the freedom that goes with it. In order to grow quantitatively and conceptually, FrauGruber had to grow. We managed to realize our dream of our own brewery in January 2020. So we came to our goal of creating a kind of "way of life" and building a community with which we can share the enthusiasm and passion for beer. Our aim is to test and live the unbelievable variety of beer, to act sustainably and especially to give beer a higher value.


It is important for us to have the greatest possible influence on technology and the raw materials used. Regionality is a big issue for us, which is why we have our own brewing barley of the Steffi and Marthe variety grown by 4 farmers who are friends and then malted in a nearby malt house.

While there was around 11ha (approx. 60 tons) of cultivation area in 2019, we were able to increase this to approx. 40ha (approx. 220 tons) in 2020. In this way, we ensure that we do not have to work with new high-performance varieties that are only bred for yield and resistance, but where the things that are essential for us (full-bodiedness, fermentation behavior, technological processing etc.) have taken a back seat.

We also raise the 13 yeast strains used in production ourselves in order to be able to control both the quality of the yeast and the quantity of the yeast cells ourselves.

We purchase the international hop varieties used from countries such as the USA, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and of course Bavaria either directly from the hop farmer or from our partners worldwide. Fortunately, we can trust them 100 percent because they know and share our quality standards.

All this effort is essential for us to turn FrauGruber beers into FrauGruber beers, simply FRAUGRUBERLICIOUS .....

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