About Gakona Brewing Company

Gakona is an Athabascan term for “Rabbit River”. As the brewing passion grew, so did the need for an appropriate logo. Lorrie’s brother Jack “hopped right to it” and designed our rabbit themed logo. Who doesn’t love our furry little friends, especially when they are relaxing and enjoying our favorite brew!Gakona Brewing Company was born in 2012, and officially established in 2015 after a 3 year learning curve of Federal and State Statutes, Regulations and Requirements.

Beers made by Gakona Brewing Company

Ball-N-Chain Blueberry Wheat

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

BlackBeary Wheat

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Bunny Berry Wheat

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Rabbit River Raspberry Wheat

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

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(907) 822-5609

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