About Goodwood Brewing Co.

There's somethin' 

Limestone water makes bluegrass bluer, horses faster, bourbon finer and Goodwood… gooder. Without hitting the periodic table too hard here, this high-quality H2O benefits from the magnesium and calcium carbonate that’s imparted into it as it flows through limestone. Naturally low levels of sulfur and iron, generally considered unpleasant, also play a part in fermentation and overall yum factor. To us, these sounded like qualities that would do just fine in beer and one reason all Goodwood beers begin with limestone water.

Wood-aged beers 

Toss only the choicest grains into that pure, limestone water and patiently finish with a spectrum of flavorful wood types – unique, sublimely sippable brews result. This range of flavors is the main reason all Goodwood beers are wood-seasoned on poplar, oak, ash and other woods, or in reclaimed oak casks once used to house wine, brandy and Kentucky bourbon. ­It’s a process that turns out one-of-a-kind, 100% splinter-free, wood-aged beers.

Beer that began 

The gents behind Goodwood are some of Louisville’s longest-serving brewing veterans, running production breweries here since 2001. They are now thrilled to branch off on their own! To that end, Goodwood’s "shade-grown beers" are all touched by the natural gradations of reclaimed casks and other wood types for flavorful expressions that are unique to Goodwood.

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