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A match made in beer heaven:  Come back with us for a moment to 1987. Dan Gordon is one of the most sought-after brewers in the country while Dean Biersch, an experienced restaurateur and beer lover, is searching for a partner to help open a brewery restaurant. A mutual friend arranges a meeting, so they sit down, start talking beer, and the rest is history. 
The Modified American Dream:  From the get-go, Dan and Dean had a clear vision of what they wanted: a monument to beer, where people could come drink freshly-brewed beer and have a great meal simultaneously. Only authentic, German-style beers would be served, and in the tradition of the ones Dan brewed while attending The Technical University of Munich, or the most renowned brewing school in the world. Beer would be brewed according to Reinheitsgebot (the age-old German Purity Law of beer) with only the finest ingredients: Hallertauer hops, two-row malted barley, and a special yeast strain imported directly from Germany.
Cold, fresh-brewed beer and hot food. What do you know? It worked.  Together Dan and Dean opened the first Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant in Palo Alto in 1988. Since then, Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurants have opened across the United States and world to include locations from California to Florida and even Taiwan.
In 1997, Gordon Biersch opened a state-of-the-art brewery and bottling facility in San Jose, CA in order to begin bottling and distributing its famed, German-style beers. Today, Gordon Biersch Brewing Company is a brewing industry leader with 22 years of experience and counting. The microbrew trend continues to grow, and the company is actively expanding its distribution nationwide. Since 1998, Gordon Biersch Brewing Company has more than doubled its production, increasing its capacity to 3.1 million gallons of beer annually, making Gordon Biersch Brewing Company the largest brewery in the San Francisco Bay Area.
This brewery allows Dan Gordon to brew his signature beers for sale all over the United States. 

Beers made by Gordon Biersch Brewery

Bohemian Pilsner

German Pilsener


American Amber / Red Ale


Märzen / Oktoberfest

Golden Export

Dortmunder / Export Lager




Maibock / Helles Bock


Märzen / Oktoberfest



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+1 (408)-278-1008

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