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At Grans Bryggeri, responsible operations have been one of the most important pillars since the start in 1899. It has always been essential to have good procedures for quality control in production and sound working conditions for our employees. These values and attitudes are well communicated throughout the organisation, and we are therefore well equipped to deliver both high quality products and at the same time a safe and sustainable standard for people and the environment.

It is also important to us that our suppliers have good routines for quality and working conditions.
That is why we at Grans Bryggeri make the same high demands on responsible operations for our partners as we do for ourselves. We expect our suppliers of goods and services to be able to document that basic human and employee rights are safeguarded.

At Grans Bryggeri, we take our social responsibility seriously, and we contribute support to a number of teams, associations and institutions so that children and young people can have a safe and varied upbringing. We work actively to reduce sugar and salt in our products, and we are constantly developing more alcohol-free alternatives. We think that Grans Bryggeri can contribute to more and more people being able to make better choices for their own health.

Morten Gran
Adm. dir.

Reuse in products from Grans Bryggeri
Norway has the world's best deposit system and we at Grans Bryggeri are among the very best at using recycled material in our products! We have been doing that for a long time and we are very proud of that. It's all about quality!

Best sellers such as Tropo, Champ, Siesta, Cola and Cola X from Grans all have in common that they use packaging that contains 50 percent recycled plastic. This is how we reuse what we can, and reduce the production of new plastic.

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