About Grayton Beer Company

This is the exhale you’ve craved, the place where you drum out tunes on the dashboard, the hum of laughter you listened for, and the warm salty embrace of the breeze you’ve longed to return to.

Highway 30A winds between the snow-white sands, grassy marshes, and lush pine forests of the Northwest Florida coastline. Less than twenty-five miles end-to-end, its communities are distinct – each with its own pace and persona, but the priorities and values are the same. Here, your neighbors are your friends, and life is in no great hurry. This is a place where a handshake matters, and every shop is a mom-and-pop.  Impromptu backyard parties and BBQs happen in a heartbeat and all are invited. And at Grayton Beach, situated in the heart of 30A and often considered its soul, the pace is a beat slower, the outdoors’ siren call a little louder, and (in our opinion) the folks more intriguing.  

We love this place, its people (group hug, guys), and its ways. Our beer reflects and complements our way of life down here, and brings it to those beyond 30A (though we don't know why you'd want to be anywhere else). 

Welcome to Grayton Beach, and welcome to Grayton Beer. We've been waiting for you, so slow down and stay a while. 

Beers made by Grayton Beer Company

30A Beach Blonde Ale

American Blonde Ale

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+1 (850) 231-4786

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