About Grimross Brewing

When asked what type of beer we craft at Grimross, I usually describe our beer as Belgian. But this is really a gross oversimplification of both our beer and what Belgian beer is. The array of unique and different beers within Belgium is probably as vast as the rest of the world combined. From the crisp clean Blondes, to the earthy and spicey Farmhouse Ales, to the Flemish Reds and Lambics and of course the Trappist and even the Wit Biers, there is no way to put a finger on what a “Belgian Beer” is. The reason I describe Grimross as Belgian is because we typically use yeast strains that originated from Belgian breweries. And because yeast is one of the primary contributors to the characteristics of a beer, this is why we say we brew Belgian style beers, but the reality is we brew Atlantic Canadian Style beers and we just happen to often use Belgian strains of yeast.

Beers made by Grimross Brewing

Après Lager

Vienna Lager

Maritime Black IPA

American Black Ale

Pugnacious Porter

American Porter

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+1 (506) 454-4810

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