About Growers Cider Co.

In 1922 in the town of Saanichton, British Columbia, five fruit growers started a fruit packing plant. With their ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit, they also created berry wine with their freshly grown berries. The Growers brand was incepted and at Growers Cider Company we maintain the same pride in our products. As one of Canada’s original ciders, we believe great cider means using only natural fruit flavours with apples grown in Canadian orchards. It means no artificial flavours. No short-cuts, just naturally refreshing. We are proud to bring new exciting flavours every year to Canadians and hope you enjoy our cider as much as we do.

The Growers Cider Company has evolved from the Growers Wine Company, established in 1922 to produce beverages characterized by quality and taste that continue to be second to none. The company motto back then was "What Western Canada Makes, Makes Western Canada."

When the company was formed, the aim was to put British Columbia on the map as one of the world's leading cider and wine centres, strictly on the basis of its own merits; and not through imitation of other products from other parts of the world. The Growers Cider Company was truly a Western Canadian Company, with more than 90 per cent of the company owned by residents of the four western provinces.

The high standards of the Growers Wine Company have been maintained by the Growers Cider Company to produce a cider that is original and naturally fermented, with a refreshing and crisp fruit taste. It’s no wonder that Growers Cider has become "Canada's #1 best-selling Cider," available and enjoyed across the country.

The Growers Cider Company is also a leader in flavour variety, creating exciting fresh new flavours while still producing the classics you have come to know and love. Through our rich Canadian heritage and commitment to quality and integrity, we proudly carry a rich tradition forward!

Beers made by Growers Cider Co.

Honeycrisp Apple Cider

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

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Saanichton, British Columbia, Canada

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+1 (877) 919-7587

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