About Growling Bear Brewing Company

Our love for craft beer started in July of 1997 at the Original Saratoga Brew Pub, Saratoga Springs, NY when we were first introduced to a splendid red ale.
We had such a great experience that my husband, the Growling Bear, began reading and inquiring about home brewing in his spare time and for Christmas that year we invested in his first Home Brew Kit. It was also that same year that we lovely inherited our nicknames "Bear" and "Duck" after a pajama party.
The following year as we were vacationing in Boston, visiting Fanieul Hall, we naturally found ourselves heading to the Samual Adams Brewery and from then on embarked on a craft brewing tasting trail.

In 2001 we dabbed into the farm ales and wits as we were passing through Belgium on a European vacation and soon found ourselves mapping destinations with a bias on craft beers. Our taste kept evolving as more options became available and our passion for beers deepened.
In 2012, inspired by his love for Chocolate, Vanilla and Bourbon, my husband created Panda Bear CVB Stout, soon to be coined by our very good friend Brian "Dessert in a glass". After many tasting and approval by friends and acquaintances alike, Panda Bear became our flagship.

In December of 2013 my husband's corporate career came to a cross road forcing us to make a choice. By then his abilities, knowledge and skills were well rounded so we decided to take a chance and that year marked the inception of Growling Bear Brewing Company.

Beers made by Growling Bear Brewing Company

Smokin Bear Porter

American Porter

Brewery Contact

Growling Bear Brewing Company Address

14051 Crown Ct
Woodbridge, Virginia, United States

Phone Number

+1 571-535-1965

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