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Guadalupe Brewery started with a passion - a passion for brewing beer. Raúl Dejú started brewing beer at home in 2004. His interest in melding flavors and pairings led him to develop his own recipes and work to create consistency of his flavors. A fortunate happenstance of a friendship combined with his love of Mexico to culminate in the founding of Cerveceria Guadalupe in the Valle de Guadalupe, known as the wine country of Mexico. Starting in a small space on a winery property in the town of Francisco Zarco, Raúl and his partners were inspired by the valley and it’s offerings.

As the first craft brewery in the Valle, he soon began brewing beers influenced by local flavors as varied as honey, Mexican chocolate and vanilla along with the standard barley, hops and yeast. While that first endeavor lasted only a few years (it is a killer commute from North San Diego county!) his passion remained, and remains to this day. With wife and partner Lisa by his side, he started again - brewing in Carlsbad, and developing a following for well-balanced delicious beers across a broad variety of styles. Guadalupe Brewery has built a small following through strategic participation in craft beer festivals throughout the county, and finally 2019 sees the launch of their long-awaited Tap House / Cerveceria, located in downtown Vista. Guadalupe Brewery - hecho en Carlsbad, tomado en Vista. (Made in Carlsbad, Tasted in Vista.)

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