Hard Know Brewery Inc. is a micro-brewery in the startup phase of building a production facility and tasting/taproom in the tourist town of Black Diamond, Alberta, located in the business park with frontage to Highway 7, the main road entering Black Diamond, which is a thoroughfare to the Kanasaskis, 22x south to Longview, Crowsnest Pass and the US border. 10 thousand cars pass through the main intersection of Black Diamond every weekend.

Developing the brand, and defining a niche within the Craft Beer industry is key to success. Like the roots of the chosen name, Hard Knox, a reflection of how the area came to be back in the 1920’s, hardworking coal miners, oil & gas rig hands, farmers and ranchers, and represents the many people throughout the years that have experienced a bit of “hard knocks” in their lives, with the support of the community to see them through the tough times. This sense of community is how HKB will differ from the industrial park breweries. Our Taproom will provide customers a vintage industrial feel, with the history of the area proudly displayed in pictures from archives as a conversation piece for the tourists, and a reflection of the past history for all those that pass through.

HKB will serve not just another Craft Beer, but develop a collection of well-crafted specialty and seasonal Artisan beers, unlike any other, supporting the Alberta barley and malt industry, using local ingredients and wild yeasts captured from the area. The beer will appeal to the adventurous craft beer fan, male and female consumers who enjoy the true essence of what makes craft beer so unique; creative recipes that will take your taste buds off the beaten track. To begin, we will produce three style of beer which will be our primary beers, our ‘flagship’ styles that we brew consistently year after year.

HKB will distinguish itself not only by having smooth tasting exceptional beer, but also through a strong marketing campaign, not just social media, and a web presence, but with niche marketing concepts that will spread the word about our sense of community at HKB, along with continuous promotional campaigns that promise to create a buzz about the beer we brew, our facility and taproom to the motorcyclists that pass through all summer long, the cyclists, the hikers and campers, drive by traffic and people out for a country drive.

Pam and Cory Lyken, siblings from Millarville, Alberta are the founders of Hard Knox.

Our Beers

Dusty Trail

American IPA

Grunt Work

Vienna Lager

Knox Light

American Pale Ale (APA)

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