About Heathen's Brewing & Supply

The story of how we got into brewing began in the most unlikely of places: the washroom. A few years ago, if I ever needed to find my missing wife, all I needed to do was stand near the washroom. Basically, at any time of the day, she was either going to or coming from her throne. After the grueling procession of medical tests, we discovered that she had celiac disease. Little did we know at the time but our adventures into the gluten free world were just beginning.

Before her diagnosis, we used to enjoy going out for dinner for appetizers and drinks a couple times a month. It was a great way to meet up with friends and explore various different types of food and drinks the city had to offer. After her diagnosis, this pastime became problematic. The amount of venues we could go to was drastically reduced. This unfortunate circumstance had us downtrodden, so I decided to explore other options for her.

This brings us to the near present. My career has geared my skillset towards chemistry and dealing with chemical recipes, so transitioning to brewing was natural to me. And we started on our home-brewing experiment. My wife used to complain about the limited selection of gluten free beers, particularly darker ales, which used to be her favorite. Logically, I tried my hand at brewing a Gluten Free replacement to sate her cravings.

After I brewed my first batch, the results had us hooked! The beer turned out great, and my wife loved the final product. However, the challenge I continued to face is the availability of Gluten Free grains for Gluten Free brewing, the specialty grains were hard to find and even more difficult to source.

So we decided to open our own Gluten Free grain business to distribute these specialty grains here in Canada. My hope is that those other home brewers, who might have tried Gluten Free beers before and found them lacking, can mix up their brewing game with access to quality Gluten Free Grains.


Heathen's Brewing & Supply are still in their funding stage. If you would like to help Heathen's, check out their crowd funding page here.

Beers made by Heathen's Brewing & Supply

Black IPA

Future Brew American IPA

Brown Rice Ale

Future Brew American Brown Ale

Buckwheat Ale

Future Brew Herbed / Spiced Beer

Chocolate Coffee Stout

Future Brew Milk / Sweet Stout

Brewery Contact

Heathen's Brewing & Supply Address

3300 14th Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Phone Number

+1 (403) 970-5663

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