About Helio Basin Brewing Company

The inception of the idea for Helio Basin Brewing Co. started, albeit merely as a pipe dream for the founders, a little over 10 years ago over a few homebrew batches with some friends at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. After graduation they went two different directions, Mike to the Marines as an officer and Dustin to the Siebel Institute to start a professional brewing career. As time passed, one thing always kept coming up in conversation, the idea of opening up a brewery.

After seeing and getting to know the industry from the inside out for almost a decade, it was decided that if this idea was ever going to become a reality, now was the time. It became clear that the location would be Phoenix after a few short discussions. Dustin fell in love with Arizona after brewing for a few years here for another brewery and Mike loves the warm weather and has family in the Valley, making for an easy sell for both of them. That, paired with the ever rising craft beer scene here in the Valley, makes for a very desirable location. After searching for several months for a site location, they came across a building on the edge of Arcadia just waiting to be brought back to life. It was in a great spot in the Valley and was large enough (8,200 sq. ft.) to allow for the vision of the company to become a reality. What is that vision you ask? Well allow us to explain.

We wanted to make a place that has a primary focus on quality from top to bottom. Dedication to the quality and consistency of the beer, the food, the service and the atmosphere are all top tier priorities at Helio Basin Brewing Company. Our team of like-minded people have a passion for creating a place that not only offers top quality brews and food, but also creates a sense of community for its customers as well as its craft brewing compatriots. Our menu is purposely and uniquely concise. In staying with the vision for quality, our Chef and her team have created an amazing menu that is distinctive and also allows us to focus on freshness and variation. We find it to be the perfect blend of simple, delicious and unpretentiously sophisticated.

After having the opportunity to work for a few different successful breweries at different sizes (brewpub, brewpub/distribution and national/international distribution), it was decided to get back to smaller scale brewing and the brewpub side. We have a dedicated brewery space, housing a 15 bbl brewhouse, which is visible to everyone in the pub and a lot of open space for seating. There will also be three large community tables affording ample space for sharing a pint with friends or meeting new ones, as we want to get back to a simpler time and encourage everyone to engage in the lost art of conversation. We also have the space to host private parties and charity functions and look forward to doing so. We feel that being a good member of the community means giving back and are excited about sharing our space with different organizations and groups.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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+1 602-354-3525

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