About Hell's Gate Brewing

Being that we're local, our ownership is here, we're B.C originals, we're not cutting any corners for our friends. We know how the good word spreads, and we're making our beer as authentically drinkable and refreshing as we can, built with only 100% malt - and all natural. Other beers might use the cheaper rice or corn syrup - and still, they're charging you more. But we're here, brewed local - and we take our time. While the big brewers might use chemicals and processes to accelerate the brewing of their lagers to just eight days, our Hell's Gate Premium Lager is all natural, no preservatives - no chemicals - and we take twenty eight days to brew it just right for you, including our cold aging to assure a perfect clean finish. A force of nature, our great beers have taken on the competition - and we've beat them.

Beers made by Hell's Gate Brewing

Hell's Gate Honey Lager

American Adjunct Lager

Hell's Gate Pale Ale

American Pale Ale (APA)

Hell's Gate Premium Lager

American Adjunct Lager

Brewery Contact

Hell's Gate Brewing Address

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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