About Henderson Brewing Co.

Henderson Brewing Co. was founded by five locals–Doug Laramie (Head Brewer), David Osborn, Rob Toerne, Austin Vowels, and Sean Wilder. What started as comments on a Facebook post then sharing ideas over beers at Rockhouse Pizza resulted in the opening of Henderson’s first craft brewery less than a year later.

Doug had been home brewing for almost 8 years and dreaming of starting a commercial brewery for nearly as long. What began as one gallon batches has blossomed into multi-barrel brewing and multiple styles. With a significant chemistry background, he combines science and passion to bring Henderson craft beer it can call its own.

Beers made by Henderson Brewing Co.

Ides of January 2019: O-PEE-CHEE

Limited Release American Adjunct Lager


Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)

Bright Spot

American IPA




Märzen / Oktoberfest

Silver Dollar

American Porter

Beer Itself

Seasonal American Double / Imperial IPA

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+1 (270) 200-4314

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