About HopTop Brewery

The HopTop Brewery Ltd. was formed in the fall of 2015 to create various high quality craft beers for the increasing number of beer lovers. As it so happens, our brewery is located in the former Royal Brewery plant, so we can return a little bit of tradition to this area.

The owner, Szami Ali Rawech had a leading position at a multinational company when he unexpectedly decided to change his profession and became a Master Brewer. Due to his strong economist background and perfectionist attitude, he was able to build and to manage the company by himself. He simultaneously created all the award-winning recipes while making all the business decisions as well.

Continuous experimentation and professional development is a never-ending activity in our company. We believe that this approach has resulted in our multiple international awards.

It is worth mentioning that by eliminating pasteurization and filtration, our products are left with a more intense taste to enjoy, since all the valuable ingredients are left untouched. Yet, due to outstanding diligence and level of cleanliness the product's shelf life can reach up to a year and a half.

Our products can be found on the shelves of the well-known Hungarian grocery store chains (METRO, Auchan, Spar, Manna ABC etc.), specialized beer stores and on the menu of some restaurants and bars in the heart of the city. We are also exporting to more and more countries, including Canada and Finland.

No matter how much we worked the final decision is in the hands of the consumer, so let our beers speak for us!

Beers made by HopTop Brewery


American IPA

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