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Opened in 2014, the Independent Brewing Company is a tavern and restaurant that focuses exclusively on serving the beer of Independently-owned breweries.  We source our beer primarily from small, Pittsburgh-based breweries, but we also keep a few taps open for world class beers from small, Independent breweries from around the globe.   

We named our craft beer tavern after a cartel of local brewers that existed in Pittsburgh prior to prohibition. In the early 1900s, the Independent Brewing Company was created to represent the interests of small, local breweries from the Pittsburgh region.  It allowed its member breweries to maintain their independence, but to acquire ingredients and sell to market with the heft of a shared brand.  Their idea:  we must band together to compete against the bigger, newly consolidated companies developing in Pittsburgh and throughout the nation.  Prohibition brought an end to the Independent Brewing Company.  However, in homage to the concept that Independent breweries can live or die together, we wanted to restore the name and the logo for our tavern.  Much like the original Independent Brewing Company, we stand for the concept that small, independent breweries and taverns like ours are the best way to ensure that Pittsburgh remains a city known for its good beer, good food, and good people.

Beers made by Independent Brewing Company

Your Move Paulie!

Märzen / Oktoberfest

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