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It had always been an ambition of Tom Minshull to start a brewery, having been involved a while back with Burt's Brewery due to its links with his company, Island Ales. Tom was only prepared to start this venture when the time was right and only if it was done properly and with attention to detail and above all, to be able to produce a first class product.

When Chris Coleman agreed to come on board as the brewer, the ability to produce a first class product was in place. Chris brings a wealth of experience, expertise and respect, which has been gained over many years as a brewer of some distinction.

People that know Chris, know that he is meticulous in the way he produces his products and combining this with the best equipment, we aim to produce top class ales. Chris is now ably assisted by his son Ashley who is now the Assistant Brewer.

Tom and the two other directors of the family business that is Island Ales, his son Steve Minshull and son-in-law Chris Mousley, have invested in this venture and the bespoke manufacture of brewery equipment.

Following extensive research and site visits to mainland breweries by Steve Minshull and Chris Coleman it was decided not to use second hand equipment but to use a company called Johnson Engineering, a company specialising in brewery manufacture based in Bolton, Lancashire, to make for us a brewery to our specifications.

The reasons for going to the additional expense of brand new equipment was to ensure the production of consistently high quality ales and because of the fact that we were so impressed with the quality and workmanship that Vincent Johnson and his team from Johnson Engineering had put into the design and manufacture of the breweries visited, a fact that I am sure that you will agree with if you should visit our brewery.

The investment continued, rather than buying second hand casks, it was decided to purchase brand new casks colour coded with our registered colour banding of blue, white and yellow, unmistakable as casks from the Isle of Wight Brewery and made to deliver a top class product in to the best pubs, clubs and outlets on the Island and beyond. Three of the cask ales, Wight Gold, Yachtsman’s Ale and Wight Knight are also available in bottles and a great gift pack.

Beers made by Island Brewery

Earl's R.D.A

English Dark Mild Ale

Nipper Bitter

English Pale Ale

Vectis Venom

English Bitter

Wight Gold

English Bitter

Wight Knight

English Bitter

Yachtman's Ale

English Bitter

Wight Christmas

Seasonal English Bitter

Wight Diamond

Seasonal English Bitter

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