About Jawbone Brewing

What do building sites, advertising, finance and brewing all have in common?

You might think not a lot. But Ben Hughes would argue his eclectic mix of careers have provided the perfect blueprint for running a brewery. At least it’s given him an excuse for drifting all of these years.

Ben began his foray into professional brewing at Weird Beard Brew Co, creating such crowdpleasers as Opulence Imperial Stout, Gumball Double IPA and Sour Rangers.  

Jawbone Brewing is the realisation of Ben’s vision to shake up South London’s beer scene. It’s a mission that’s brought him to a working boatyard in Twickenham, where he has built a 30hl brewery and BeerDock taproom. Here he’s applying his philosophy of introducing bold flavours across the vast spectrum of beer styles. It’s a process borne out of constant innovation, perfectionism and a relentless enthusiasm for great beer.

Jawbone is proudly independent and we believe in the importance of inclusivity, integrity, and good humour. Ben and his partner Emma are local – they live in Hampton with their son Rory and love this special part of London. 

It’s been a long time coming but we are truly delighted to say we are now open! Come and have a beer with us sometime. 

Beers made by Jawbone Brewing


English Pale Ale

Boatyard Blues

American IPA

Bone Idle

English Pale Ale

Highs & Lows

German Pilsener

Longshore Gang

American IPA

Lucky Day

American IPA

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