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Jaws are huge waves seen on the coast of the Hawaiian island of Maui in the cold winter months. No words can describe their beauty and power and just one look is enough to be fascinated for life. Many surfers live to conquer Jaws.

Jaws are often called the mother of all waves. It happened so that our brewery, named in honor of this wave, was the first to bring the culture of the new beer movement to the Urals.

The brewery was started in 2008 in a renovated building of the old laundry centre in Zarechny. At that time it seemed that to open a brewery in the small atomic town one needs to be either a big fan of beer, or an absolutely crazy person. In our case the love of beer was accompanied with a reasonable share of adventurism.

The first goal we set was "to bring the beer culture to people". To tell the truth, at that time, no "revolution" could take place, everything was somewhere near the Czech-German theme. Back then even a classic Weissbier could seem a revelation.

"To stay on your wave means to do what you want whenever you want it." These words were repeated in early 2012 when we decided to put more of the American hops into the "Nuclear Laundry" - one of the first IPA in Russia (and definitely the first IPA in the Urals). To this day bitterness of 80 IBU for the majority of people is comparable to a nuclear explosion. It was around that time when we understood the power of the wave coming down on us. Then we added spicy ales, oatmeal stouts, extra ordinal lagers, etc.

Today, in addition to bringing the abstract "beer culture", we want to share it’s versatility with people. To do this we are producing a more conventional standard format 0.5liter bottle.  The basic line consists of quite mild but still rare in our country types: English Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout, American Pale Ale.

The first one of this line was the Pale Ale. On the front side of the bottle we drew the legendary Volkswagen T1 - the favorite vehicle of hippies and surfers. It became our symbol. On the back of the bottle we placed brief information about the beer, including a description of the kind "for Dummies".

The following labels continue theme of surfing and enjoying life. A new blazon of Jaws (which is a cook and two crossed surf boards) gives a hint that one can "surf" not only with the special board in the ocean, but also while doing the things he likes.

Let’s stay on one wave!

Beers made by Jaws Brewery

Nuclear Laundry

American IPA


Seasonal Flanders Oud Bruin

Hyper IPA

Seasonal American Double / Imperial IPA

Nuclear Laundry Red

Seasonal American IPA

Populism-Random Hops

Seasonal American IPA

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