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The Legend of Jim Juicebox goes back to Toronto, Canada in the early 1920s. An ex-circus performer, Jim left his job as an acrobat to pursue a career in movies as one of the first stuntmen. Unfortunately, with no sound in movies at the time, Jim’s elaborate stunts had no ‘oomph’ or ‘puzzah’ and he quickly found himself out of work. 

To make matters worse, Jim lost all of his money when, upon receiving a hot stock tip from his close friend Charles Ponzi, he invested his entire life savings in the largest manufacturer of horse carriages on October 23rd , 1929. Despite his troubles, Jim was an eternal optimist and a dreamer; during many hours spent waiting in unemployment lines, Jim noticed everyone had two things in common: they needed a job and they were thirsty! Jim quickly moved to capitalize on his discovery by launching one of Toronto’s first (and most successful) lemonade stands.

Things progressed well until the Great Lemon Shortage of 1931 forced Jim to think outside the box. By blending beer with lemonade, Jim was able to stretch his lemon quota and ended up with a wonderfully refreshing beverage and one that his customers preferred. Despite gaining local folklore status, Jim’s new beverage never took off; some blame his poor choice of name – “better lemonade.” Fast forward to 2020, good friends and business partners Chris and Justin purchased the recipe from Jim’s great, great, great uncle* and gave it a better name. 

juicebox was born.

Beers made by Juicebox Beer


Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Mango Pineapple

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Raspberry Lemonade

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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