About Kex Brewing

In the magnitude of mass demand and mass production the ideal of craftsmanship is losing; it's becoming lost. It has been forgotton that there is no essential difference between the artist and the craftsman — only perspective.

We protest this lack of ideal.

Conformity breeds complacency and complacency is the antithesis of a true subjective experience. There is no merit in creating something objective; universal, without character. Culture is derived from the complex and the varied, from the imperfect and incomplete; by conflict. Without variance there is no culture.

Kex Brewing is born from the need to create a subjective experience without the slightest taste of universality. To create something of value is inclusive, not exclusive. It celebrates variations and multitudes.

We reject the idea that there is any perfected process; that there is any finality. Within the process we discover, perfect, discard and start again. We live this process, the undying pursuit of making, not something everlasting, but a momentary experience. Only perfect while it lasts.

Beers made by Kex Brewing

One and Done

American Stout

Social Beer

American Pale Lager

Thunder Ale

American IPA

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