About King Street Beer Co.

The town of Bridgewater has historically centred around King Street and its proximity to the LaHave River.  That’s why we couldn’t think of a better place to promote the renaissance of Bridgewater’s downtown than by establishing a walkable neighbourhood taproom, where locals can stop by for beer and conversation. 

For centuries, the local tavern has been a gathering site for business people and families to enjoy a pint of ale.  It creates a “third space”, somewhere other than work or home where you can talk hockey, enjoy a card game, or plan your next business venture.  It’s a place where a cross-section of the community can gather around a common thing – good beer.

This is the age of craft beer, where quality, diversity, and innovation are hallmarks of craft brewing.  At King Street, we celebrate beer that is distinctly different from the Big Beer companies.  It’s about local passion and craftsmanship.  All the beverages on our taps come from local Nova Scotia craft breweries, cideries, and wineries.  And because we know that a lot of great beers started out as experiments on a home brewing kit, we’re creating a line of LaHave River Beers to showcase the talents of our local homebrewers. Our ultimate goal is to provide access to the freshest beer available while ensuring that the dollars spent in our taproom contribute to the local economy. 

King St. Beer was established in partnership with the Saltbox Brewing Co. and is founded on the same core values:  community, cleanliness, good service and good beer.  Our taprooms aren’t just a place for you to share a drink with friends, they’re a place to celebrate the histories of the people who drink (and brew) there. As William Yeats said, “There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet.” 

​We hope you’ll join us. Think social, drink local.

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