About La Chasse-Pinte

The story of the creation of La Chasse-Pinte is not entirely linear. From the initial intention to major investment projects, through the purchase of a Bistro, we can not say that it was easy!

Citizen mobilization

At the very beginning, there was a group of citizens of Bas-Saguenay who wished to join forces to discover the terroirs of their corner of the country. There were many ideas and we dreamed aloud of agrifood production and the marketing of local products. By dint of daydreams was born the solidarity cooperative Les Ateliers coopératives du Fjord. As of 2008, the cooperative was already working to set up a microbrewery in L'Anse-Saint-Jean, in combination with a restoration project and an agrotourism project.

An opportunity to seize

In 2011, while the cooperative was still evaluating different options for establishing its microbrewery project, the Bistro de L'Anse went on sale. This place was then of great importance in the region, because of its role for the dissemination of culture and as a place of socialization for young people from all walks of life. A former Price family fishing camp, it was converted into a Bistro in the early 2000s and quickly became a must. The cooperative then launched a call for popular subscriptions to acquire and preserve the vocation of Bistro de L'Anse. The deal will close in 2013.

Birth of the Chasse-Pinte

The acquisition of Bistro de L'Anse had delayed the completion of the microbrewery project, but the cooperative was continuing its experiments and was quietly preparing for its next phase of investment. When the municipality of L'Anse-Saint-Jean sells its old fire station, this is the perfect opportunity to finally start the project, which materialized in November 2015. With a brewing capacity of 120 liters , the brewery is then one of the smallest production units in Quebec and proudly uses the name of nano-brewery!

815 brews later

Quickly, beers inspired by boreal botany brewed by Chasse-Pinte met with great success. With the combined strength of the microbrewery and the Bistro de L'Anse, the cooperative can make new investments in its third year of existence. In 2018, a major investment was made to enlarge the premises of the microbrewery and double its production capacity. In the same breath, a second major investment is being prepared to renovate the Bistro de L'Anse building and considerably increase the number of indoor seats in the popular restaurant. The products of the microbrewery are now distributed over a large part of Quebec and the Bistro de L'Anse is certified Ambassador of flavors Boreal zone. We can certainly say that the dreams of the group of citizens at the origin of the creation of the cooperative have come true!

Beers made by La Chasse-Pinte

IPA Rousse

American IPA

La Gelinotte

American Blonde Ale

La Slaïonne

Seasonal American IPA

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+1 (418) 608-8559

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