About A l'abri de la Tempête

It's that of two women passionate about beer, who chose to take the plunge and set their sights on the Magdalen Islands to achieve their dream:

live on the Islands and open a microbrewery!

We finalized the first stages of the project in 2002, by finding the ideal location and communicating how important this initiative could be for the region. It took two years of hard work.

We finally dropped anchor in a former crab processing plant overlooking the West Dune and began making island brewing history..

The microbrewery takes pride in sourcing its beers and menu from the distinctive terroir of the Archipelago. Bringing together the many actors and craftsmen in the Islands to create brand new tastes is at the heart of our company spirit. It has resulted in a strong brewing uniqueness, evidenced by the distinct personality of the singular, distinguished beers produced here.

Using local resources is part of the pledge of authenticity and freshness that has turned À l'abri de la tempête into the flagship company it is today, creating quality jobs both annual and seasonal.

Beers made by A l'abri de la Tempête

Bombe de Soleil

American Blonde Ale


American IPA

Trans IPA

American IPA


Czech Pilsner

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+1 (418) 986-5005

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