About Lemke Berlin

Our founder, Oli Lemke, has already dropped out of business studies and finished his brewery studies when he decided to start his own brewery. More importantly, he has gained experience around the globe, has worked in large Venezuelan companies and built complete breweries in Japan. With this wealth of experience in his luggage, he welds his first own brewing machine in a friend's garage in 1998.


Infected by Olis euphoria, all friends turn into craftsmen and build a rundown S-Bahn-Bogen on the Hackescher Markt to a brewery. On 21.11.1999 the dream comes true: The brewery Lemke opens its doors. In the first few months we overwhelm our guests with 50 different beers and make a lot of nonsense, but we learn something new every day. And survive.


The Tiergarten Spring has been a student institution for over 80 years, when it surprisingly closed in 2003. We decide to continue the institution and sell our Lemke beer there. At this time, the operation in our S-Bahn bow is in full swing, so we hardly comply with the brewing. Fortunately, in 2004 we will have the opportunity to take over Leopold's Brauhaus on Alexanderplatz. We open the brewery center. In 2007 another Berlin institution joins us: the Luisenbräu in Charlottenburg. The oldest brewery in Berlin is also the place where our founder, as an intern, gained his first brewing experience. In the same year we double the area of our company at Hackescher Markt. In 2010, the first final enlargement will take place:

The Tiergarten spring receives a beer garden, which is very popular from the first day.


We, the Lemke Team, are a well-rehearsed team. This is how our restless founder is able to release himself from the current business and pursue his second passion: the construction of breweries. Needless to say that the German soil is not sufficient for his thirst for experience, finally, also on Tenerife and in Mongolia good beer is brewed.
The greatest challenge for his colleagues is always returning home, because he always comes back with new "suggestions".


We decide to start bottling our beers. A tiny step for humanity, a giant step for a little brewer. To be prepared for this, we set up a laboratory including a separate yeast bank. The original brewery on Hackescher Markt is being converted into a pilot brewery. From now on, up to 200 suds a year are produced exclusively for product development. This is how the most extraordinary beers are made. But they are still waiting for bottling.

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Vienna Lager

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