About Les Brasseurs de Montebello

The idea of having a microbrewery and producing quality beers has been germinating in Alain's head for a very long time. The “Biberons” tasting club has taken up more and more space in recent years. The scale of the Biberons as well as the creation of web capsules about beer tasting (the 6Pacs) decided him to go from dream to reality. Patricia, for her part, had never totally put aside the idea of having her Pub since she had worked as a waitress in bars in the area when she was younger. The concept of the project simmered for about a year and word spread in the small village. The time had come to take another step: specialized brewing training! This is when Luc and Linda, who love a challenge and always love to learn new things, have decided to embark on this beautiful unifying project. Luc and Linda are also passionate about life and the timing was perfect for these two entrepreneurs to join Alain and Patricia to take up this challenge that is as stimulating as it is intoxicating.

Numerous training sessions were held during 2013, followed by the development of the business plan and the purchase and renovation of the building on Notre-Dame Street.

Montebello, a village well located between Montreal and Ottawa, has a beautiful main street on which many services coexist: restaurants, bars, chocolate factory, cheese dairy, motels, shops, etc. These make the village an ideal destination for motorbike, car or bicycle rides for a one or more day getaway. The Pub therefore completes this beautiful set of tourist attractions in  Montebello formed by Parc Oméga, Château Montebello, Kenauk, Camp Explora, Rockfest and possibly the steam train. 

The name “les Brasseurs de Montebello” was chosen in order to propagate the name of the village. Montebello is an already well established name and is synonymous with prestige. As we want a Pub that stands out for both its quality beers and its professional service, we have chosen this prestigious name. We form a natural partnership with the local chocolate factory, Chocomotive, and the cheese dairy, Fromagerie Montebello. The three products, beer, chocolate, and cheese, in addition to being artisanal and local, go very well together. 

The adventure continues by constantly evolving. We hope you will like it as much as we do!

Beers made by Les Brasseurs de Montebello

Pils aux Framboises

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Brewery Contact

Les Brasseurs de Montebello Address

485 Rue Notre Dame
Montebello, Québec, Canada

Phone Number

+1 (819) 309-0807

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