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When people venture to Louisiana their adventures are typically preceded by high expectations for their taste buds. The food should be spicy, the music should include washboards, and alcohol of all types should flow in responsible abundance. Natives and visitors alike know that a good time is in store as soon as the “Bienvenue en Louisiane” sign comes into focus. The laid back attitude of the Boot State is nothing less than commonplace.

What hasn’t always been so commonplace in Louisiana is a craft beer industry to rival the culinary creativity of the state. However, the growth in recent years is nothing less than extraordinary, and the brewing company that accelerated the craft popularity is none other than Abita. Its humbled beginnings in 1986 have exploded into a widely recognized and appreciated brewing company. It’s the 14th largest craft brewer in the country, and several other brewing companies have followed suit along the bayous of Louisiana.



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