About Meander River Farm & Brewery

An adventure, or a wrong turn, could lead you to the undiscovered area of Ashdale. You may be pleasantly surprised as you stumble upon Meander River Farm & Brewery. Nestled beside the twisting river it’s named after, the Farm provides an agricultural experience like no other.

Consisting of 186 acres, the farm features 2.5 acres of hops, a newly built micro-brewery, lavender fields, lush gardens, Hants County's tallest waterfall, seasonal livestock and retail shop. The shop offers tours, tastings and handmade products created on the farm.

Try the roads less travelled and discover Meander River Farm & Brewery for an unforgettable experience.

Beers made by Meander River Farm & Brewery

Brewery Contact

Meander River Farm & Brewery Address

906 Woodville Road
Ashdale, Nova Scotia, Canada

Phone Number

+1 (902) 757-3484

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