About Meantime Brewing Company

This is what we’re really here for right? As you’d expect, our Tasting Rooms are London’s heaven on earth for craft beer lovers. We have all of our beers on draught, as well as brewery fresh tanks installed – so basically straight from the maturation tank to your pint glass.

You can taste throughout the day and our friendly bar staff can chat for hours about the golden stuff. In the likely instance you still find yourself wanting more, we even have a cold store room where you can pick up a case or two to savour later or share with mates. The bar in our Tasting Rooms is far from your average local watering hole, you’re in the guts of a working brewery, watching the brewers work their magic just metres away.

Meantime’s Brewery Fresh London Lager is dispensed direct from specially engineered tanks installed in outlets. The beer is delivered by Meantime’s tankers direct from the maturation tanks at the brewery, creating a unique way of serving beer with the results being immediately obvious: A well rounded smoother lager, with enhanced aromas and flavours. 

Because the beer remains unpasteurised and unfiltered, it continues to mature in tank and therefore improve even while it’s in the pub. The process also means the beer has no contact with the air until it hits the glass (Compressed air used in traditional dispense can adversely affect the taste and ultimately the quality of the beer). The process means that a pint of Meantime Brewery Fresh is like drinking a beer direct from the brewery itself, as fresh as the day it was made.

Beers made by Meantime Brewing Company

London Lager

Euro Pale Lager

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