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Science Meets Beer Craft

We know life is simple, but it’s also tough to understand. How did we get here? What does it all mean? What is our purpose? Exploring those questions can lead to beautiful, thought-provoking art.

On the other hand, science is complicated, but follows a simple process: identify your goals, follow clear steps and use high-quality components to get results. 

Brewing beer is part art and part science. Sharing a delicious, well-crafted beverage can bring meaning to life, like it does for Meta Brewery. But creating truly excellent brews requires science. The brewing process and all the ways grain, hops and yeast interact. The slightest adjustment can mean the difference between a porter and a pilsner, a sour brew or a fruity one — and a creation worthy of framing or one that makes you question your reason for being.

Meta Brewery goes behind and beyond art and science to create high-quality, full-flavoured lagers, spirits, vodka seltzers and other delicious products that add meaning and enjoyment to life. When you explore the creations from Meta Brewery, you’ll taste for yourself the delightful way art and science come together.

Beers made by Meta Brewing

Nucleus NEIPA

American IPA

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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