About Microbrasserie L'Alchimiste

Microbrasserie Alchimiste was established in 2001 in downtown Joliette. Carl Dufour, the man behind the initial project, is a native of Chibougamau. He travelled extensively, touring the brewing industry in Quebec, then used his initial experiences in brewing to create Microbrasserie Alchimiste. The microbrewery presented its very first beers during a sampling demonstration in downtown Joliette.

Products made at the tiny brewery gained a reputation among beer enthusiasts, and the idea of bottling the beer for public sale appeared increasingly possible, finally becoming reality!

First large bottles, then regular-sized bottles...the growing team got to work, and soon the microbrewery's products were stocked on shelves in local stores. New equipment was needed, brewing processes were changed, and the team worked hard, experimenting over and over.

Four years later, Alchimiste beers were available at most specialty stores in the province and the demand continued to grow.

This is when the idea of moving the brewing facility to more spacious premises emerged. The Broue-Pub located downtown was too small to accommodate new equipment. In the fall of 2006, production was transferred to a new location in the industrial park in Joliette. The Broue-Pub currently maintains its initial vocation of introducing customers to Alchimiste products.

For five years, the small business continued to expand, pursuing its mission of making superior quality, reasonably priced beers. In 2011, the Alchimiste became the victim of its resounding success, requiring the addition of a new team of administrators to pursue its growth. These new team members are well versed in the field of food distribution.

Determined new shareholders and a new general manager, enhanced customer service and fresh sales leadership, along with the brewing expertise of long-time staff members, will allow the Microbrasserie Alchimiste to move forward, carry on, produce, discover and astound.

Beers made by Microbrasserie L'Alchimiste

India Pale Ale

American IPA

Rousse Douce

American Amber / Red Ale

Sûre Framboise

American Wild / Sour Ale


Scottish Ale

Brewery Contact

Microbrasserie L'Alchimiste Address

681 Rue Marion
Joliette, Québec, Canada

Phone Number


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