About Midian Brewing Company

It is with great excitement that we at Midian Brewing are gearing up to be the premier Windsor-Essex craft brewer. Our beer brewing techniques utilize the purest waters, a special process that produces little fusel alcohols to ensure little to no hangover effects, and our laboratory has been built to GUARANTEE 100% quality control – our brews taste the same over and over again. 

Our brewing knowledge comes from 10+ years of scientific fermentation research, and professional microbiological work, followed by 6 years of research and development to derive our unique process. This is a precise and professional endeavour. 

It is also a local one too. Our facility is located on Wyandotte St E, and we are working with area farmers, artists, contractors and businesses. We believe in being as local as possible and aim to nurture long-term relationships.

Therefore, we are seeking commercial expressions of interest to work alongside us in this unique venture. If you feel that Midian Brewing is a business you would support, please acknowledge this by dropping a message and inviting all your friends to like our page.

Once our licenses are fully in place (April/May), we will be updating with all manner of beer, party and destination information.

Brewery Contact

Midian Brewing Company Address

1335 Wyandotte St E
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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