Believe it or not, the idea for Monday Night Brewing grew out of a small Atlanta Bible study. We started brewing beer together on Monday nights as a way to get to know each other better. As we got more engrained in the industry and more people started showing up to brew with us, beer quickly became more than just a weeknight hobby.

We spent almost 5 years perfecting our beers before bringing them to market. Years of minor tweaks, arguments over hop profiles, and experiments with different brands of base malts are poured into every glass that we brew.

Our purpose as a brewery sums up the fundamental reason that we exist. It guides all of our decision-making and provides a lens through which to evaluate our options as a business.

Monday Night Brewing makes beer for your family, your friends, and your neighbors. We strive to brew the most exceptional craft beers in the industry, both in terms of quality and consistency.

Our Beers

Dr. Robot

American Wild / Sour Ale

Drafty Kilt

Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy

Han Brolo

American Pale Ale (APA)

Slap Fight

American IPA

Tears Of My Enemies

Milk / Sweet Stout

Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt

Seasonal Scottish Ale

Dust Bunny

Seasonal American IPA

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