Earth Day 22, 2016 opening day. This day was important to us because we not only wanted to a create quality beer for consumers to enjoy, but we wanted to find a way to minimize our carbon footprint. When constructing the brewhouse, we opted for an electric boiler, something most breweries wouldn't dream of. With over 1100 solar panels, we can provide enough electricity to make beer, operate the taproom and still continue to bank power. Because of our environmental efforts, we are recognized as a sustainable business in the Sacramento region for our energy and water conservation.

We are committed to quality because we believe in using only the finest ingredients and we are not afraid to go hop-crazy. Our brewers strive for innovation and creativity, they are always creating new recipes to keep your palate thirsty. Our creativity and commitment to quality brought some amazing accolades during our first year in business.

Our Beers


American IPA