About Mountains Walking Brewery

The Bridgers, The Crazies, the Tobacco Roots, the Spanish Peaks. There are as many beers to brew as there are mountains around us.

And just as many flavors to discover, like beers made with the wild yeasts floating in the Bozeman air. Or barrel-fermented and aged beers. Mountains Walking is a mutual adventure as we try a new recipe and you tell us what you think. 

Our goal is to make beers that pretty much couldn’t come from anywhere but Bozeman. The climate, the altitude, the native yeasts—all these things make up our terroir, which will impact our beers. 

For us, brewing is a harmonious mash-up of tradition and innovation. We intend to make everything, from classic lagers to bright and hoppy IPAs to sours and mixed fermentation. As a result, you’ll find a beer for every taste. 

Each visit to Mountains Walking will be a new adventure—a new conversation between you and us and beer in all its possible forms.

Beers made by Mountains Walking Brewery

Chopping Wood: Schwarzbier

Limited Release Schwarzbier

Grazing Clouds

American IPA

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+1 (406) 219-3480

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