About Nedloh Brewing Company

An experience shared with a stranger, friend, or family member is fundamental to personal growth and the strengthening of our community. Learning the history of where we are from, enjoying music while eating and drinking together or simply exploring a new environment, we improve by sharing with those around us. This knowledge can then be stewed and brewed into new creations for others to experience, digest and enjoy in a perpetual cycle.

We have created a space where laughter, music, and the sound of a beer being poured echo as one. Where the senses are sparked by the new and a smile is born. A place where you can go if it is too warm or cool outside but the beer is always cold. Where people of all backgrounds and generations can gather to share stories and ideas, or troubles and woes.

This place is Nedloh Brewing Company.

A legacy started in the green mountains of Vermont by Nathan Holden's great-great-grandmother and her maple nut candy shop she called Nedloh Cottage.

She knew the importance of community, locally made goods, and the land we call home.

Beers made by Nedloh Brewing Company

5 & 20 IPA

Belgian IPA

Funky FLX

Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+1 (585) 360-7272

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