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New Hokkaido brings together the traditions of Japanese brewing with the innovative approach of craft brewing from Bozeman, Montana. We are mindful that our spiritual center is the pristine beauty of Hokkaido.


Gustav Gentaro Dose grew up listening to fairy tales told by his Japanese mother—stories of haunting and delightful figures who lived in the shadows and up on the mountain slopes. As he moved around the world, these stories followed him, until one day they appeared as the names of his beers.

Our Phantom Brewery

Hokkaido looms large in my imagination: jagged mountains, deep snow, and pristine forests full of wild animals. As a brewer, Hokkaido is especially close to my heart. The farmers there grow a highly-prized rice used in making traditional Japanese beer and sake. I feel fortunate, in my travels, to have lived there twice. Like any place bounded by wilderness, it harbors mysteries.

When I was a child growing up in Tokyo, my mother would tell me Japanese fairy tales about supernatural creatures called Yokai. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of different kinds of Yokai, spirits who haunt the mountains, forests, and oceans of Japan—each with their own purpose of creating either good luck, mischief, or harm.

As I’ve moved around the world, that sense of Hokkaido and those childhood fairy tales have always traveled with me. And now, living in Bozeman, Montana, I feel these two parts of my imagination have combined to inspire something new. A new adventure in joining flavors from anywhere in the world. A New Hokkaido, of sorts. I’m hoping it just might lead to something really good to drink.

- Gustav Gentaro Dose

Beers made by New Hokkaido

Beringia Arctic Pilsner

Limited Release Japanese Rice Lager


American IPA

Kitsune-Sakura Mochi

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Kodama Double IPA

American Double / Imperial IPA

Oni Triple IPA

American IPA

Yabai Tanuki

American IPA


Japanese Rice Lager

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